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  • A simple download to boot it up
  • A wide selection of benefits
  • 24/7 Q&A support from our group of VPN security specialists
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Setup has never been easier

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Incredible speed on our 1 Gbps systemStream and search with no lag across all devices

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Every need and every budget is covered with our plans

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Silver $12.95 /mth Rebills every month until canceled
One device
Fast Speed
5 GB bandwidth/Month
Gold $16.95 /mth Rebills every month until canceled
Two devices simultaneously
High Speed
10 GB bandwidth/Month


Our ArmedVPN subscriptions come filled to the brim with all the extras you'd expect from the most trustworthy VPN.

More layers of protection

We keep you twice as safe by encrypting data twice. That’s double the protection of other services.

Superspeed server power

Our servers host a 1 Gbps network that guarantees flawless streaming for movies and videos.

No extra work!

Effortless startup using our custom client for phones and computers. Just use the same setting for everything!

No information is held

Our policy of no logging shows that your safety is most important. This makes sure that your private information is not held by anyone other than you.

Instinctive and instant protection

Any hiccups in your VPN connection while you are online will be detected automatically and in a moment your internet will be cutoff to keep you safe.

Servers are everywhere!

Click here for all of the servers that provide your security. Some might be closer than you think!

Don’t settle for a security program that comes with the computer, instead enhance it with our ArmedVPN VPN.

Why use our ArmedVPN

Because your online security and privacy is the most important, and we are the best at guaranteeing that everything you do online stays safe.

Be a stealth flier

When you’re online, the gateway to identifying who you are is your IP address. With it, your online activity and all that goes with it is vulnerable. ArmedVPN VPN client protects you by cutting off trackers and allowing you to surf with no fear.

Great content no matter where you are!

If you’re someone that is constantly on the go, you need to access all your favorite sites. With our service, you will never be denied access to sites that you love. Activate the ArmedVPN client and be sure you can access your subscriptions and content on all multimedia sharing sites.

The internet stays the same

We keep you safe regardless of your location. With servers in over 16 countries around the globe, you can be sure that no matter where you go our VPN will be there for you.

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